Mitigate Crisis Management (1 Day)

Course Overview

When an incident occurs, it can rapidly develop into a crisis for your business. Senior management plays a critical role in the overall management of any incident to mitigate the detrimental impacts and avoid a crisis situation occurring. This course is designed to provide practical skills and guidance to senior leaders within a business to assist them in managing a critical situation or event and ensure the ongoing continuity of the business operation.

Who Should Attend?

- Senior Management

- HSEQ related professionals

- Emergency Planners

- Business Continuity Professionals

- All personnel wanting a brief overview of crisis management concepts

After Completion, You Will Be Able To:

- Recognise the types of incidents that can develop into crises

- Understand the difference between Incident management and Crisis Management

- Understand the roles and responsibilities of Crisis Management Team members

- Utilise Crisis Management tools and processes

- Understand the importance of clear communications when managing a crisis

- Understand the usage of an effective system for managing information during a crisis

- Understand the value of a well written Crisis Management Plan

Topics Included:

- Types of Crises

- Incident Management and Crisis Management

- Crisis Management Team Organisation and Structure

- Crisis Management Team Roles and Responsibilities

- Crisis Management Team Response Process

- Principles of leadership and teamwork during a crisis

- An understanding of communications during a crisis

- Stress Awareness

- Managing Reputation

- Purpose and Scope of Crisis Management Plan

- Case Study / Lessons-Learned / Final Exercise

The training is designed to be interactive with numerous tabletop exercises and activities for the delegates throughout the course to reinforce introduced principles and concepts. The course style will focus on the basic principles of crisis management to ensure applicability to all operations.


1 Day

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