Fire Warden Training

Course Overview

What would happen if your company had a major fire? Do you have sufficient procedures in place to ensure that all personnel are safe and your business premises are protected? This course will equip the Fire Wardens in your organisation with the EEAA techniques so that they know what to do in the event of fire. The techniques will be taught through practical training such as operating the fire extinguisher and also implementing the fire emergency plan through an interactive session led by our experienced instructor.

Who Should Attend?

- Any member or possible member of the Emergency Response Team

- Staff with responsibilities for advising or forming part of the Emergency Response Team

- Managers or supervisors who will lead or supervise the emergency response teams

- Personnel from any background who wish to learn more about major emergency management

- Applicable to both onshore and offshore personnel

After Completion, You Will:

- To understand the building and company fire emergency plan and its implications.

- To understand the roles and responsibilities of the Fire Warden.

- To be aware of company policies relating to fire safety matters.

- To be conversant with reporting procedures on related fire safety matters and procedures at the assembly area.

- To be able to assist in the safe evacuation of a building in case of emergency.

- To be able to liaise with the management and the fire service personnel at an emergency situation.

- To be able to inspect all escape routes and staircase within a building and assist occupants evacuate using the safe routes in the event of emergency.

- To be able to demonstrate application of all techniques in Evacuation, Escape, Assembly & Accountability as a Fire Warden

Topics Included:

- Understanding the types of fire safety measures provided for in designated premises

- Interpreting floor layout plans and evacuation procedures

- Understanding the Roles and Responsibilities of Fire Warden

- Understand the various types of fire extinguisher and its usage

- Identify the building fire protection system

- Actions to be taken upon sounding of building fire alarm

- Doing checking, evacuation, handling special needs personnel in the event of fire

- Be familiar in the Fire escape routes and designated assembly area as in the building evacuation plan, evacuation process and procedures

- Be conversant in the communication procedures with Building Fire Command Centre

- Able to provide accurate information to building first aid & fire-fighting team or SCDF


1 Day

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