Hazard Awareness for Emergency Responders

Course Overview

The response to an emergency in an industrial environment can present unique challenges to the safety and effectiveness of the frontline emergency responders. In the initial stages of an emergency the instinctive nature to do something seemingly positive can in fact be leading well-meaning personal into danger for themselves and their colleagues. Understanding the characteristics of hazards in the industrial environment and the appropriate tactics to be employed can ensure your response is not only safe but highly effective.

Who Should Attend?

- Emergency Response Team members

- Incident Management Team members

- All operational staff working on site

- All personnel who may have direct or indirect involvement in managing an emergency/crisis

After Completion, You Will Be Able To:

- Recognise the various type of hazards present during an emergency

- Understand the consequence of those hazards on people and plant

- Determine appropriate tactics for your operating plant

- Utilise concepts such as “dynamic risk assessment” and “command and control”

- Understand how to ensure the safety of the frontline responders

Topics Included:

- Basic response philosophy in the industrial environment

- Identification of hazards and their characteristics

- Detection and mitigation methods

- Employing appropriate tactics for responding to the emergency

- Continual use of case studies of hazards and response tactics


1 Day

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